The manual harvests on our single plot of "Bellechaume", Domaine de Terres Blanches is coming to an end.

Vendanges 2017 Bellechaume

Sancerre blanc Bellechaume du Domaine de Terres Blanches

Let us highlight this single plot's features which make it one of the most prestigious in Sancerre.
"Bellechaume" is one of the highest hills of the Sancerre appellation area (350 meters) and this single plot is exclusively located on Terres Blanches soils (white stones i.e. marls). This cold soil combined with the altitude of this plot moderate the grapes maturity. Consequently, the grapes of the "Bellechaume" single plot matures approximately 10 to 15 days after the other plots of the Sancerre appellation.

This characteristic will be felt during the wine tasting, especially in its structure by a great tension and a nice freshness.