Discovery of our Caves La Perrière

caves la perrière verdigny

In the Sancerre region, in Verdigny, you will discover the magical setting of the one and only naturally formed cellars : LA PERRIERE.

This cave dates back to the Jurassic period (150 million years ago) and its magnificent entrance vault was carved out by water currents in the Tertiary period when the sea retreated (60 million years ago).

The rock, with its dense and solid limestone, made it possible, thanks to the determination of the monks of the Saint-Benoît monastery in the 14th century, to build the foundations of the Saint-Satur collegiate church and Bourges cathedral.

Today, the Caves La Perrière contain the wine treasures of La Perrière which is covered by 40 hectares of vines, 6 hectares of which are planted around and above the cave.

For several years now, we have been opening our doors to the public, allowing them to visit our installations and taste our Sancerre wines.

Let yourself be surprised by this place during your visit to Sancerre where the whole team of the Caves La Perrière will be pleased to welcome you.