Harvest 2023


This year's winegrowing season was unusual in more ways than one, due both to the vagaries of the increasingly unpredictable weather and to the mixed feelings this caused. Whether it was the rainy conditions in the spring or the record drought in the summer, we once again had to deal with a situation that was challenging for our team, demanding their constant vigilance and commitment.

In the Centre-Loire region, heavy rainfall in the spring naturally created conditions conducive to the development of mildew, which was difficult to contain in some areas. We had to wait until August for drier conditions, which would be vital in bringing the grapes to maturity for the harvest. In the end, the grapes ripened late but ripened well, despite the summer's water stress. The first tastings of our already promising Sauvignon Blancs reveal a lovely aromatic complexity and good balance. As for the Pinot Noirs, they are showing lovely fruit and a certain power, which augurs well for their development over the coming months.

In the Touraine region, similar weather conditions pushed our teams to the limit with significant pressure from fungal diseases during the 2023 campaign. The soil had to be ploughed relentlessly and supporting the vines as they grew required a great deal of dedication to ensure that the harvest would get off to a good start. Here too, the ripening was delayed, but initial tastings are reassuring in terms of the quality of this vintage. While the Sauvignon, Chenin and Côt grapes required more patience, the Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs ripened early, with the harvesting kicking off at the very start of September. The harvest ended in mid-October with the Cabernet Francs. It was a promising harvest overall, which, combined with the invaluable work of our winery teams, should produce wines that are fresh and easy to drink.

Unsurprisingly, our vineyards in the Anjou region also had an atypical year, with a very challenging growing season. In addition to the problems caused by heavy rain and then a lack of water, it was the combination of hot and humid conditions at the very moment of harvesting that made the harvest particularly tricky. Although the lack of maturity was only temporary, it was above all the appearance of acetic rot on our Chenin vines that required our staff to be extremely adaptable. The impact of the disease was finally contained by sorting and removing the affected bunches on the vines by hand. It was a major undertaking and a real challenge - that of saving this 2023 harvest. The end result: good profiles for the Chenin showing a lovely aromatic complexity; some very fine rosés with luscious fruit, and light and very elegant reds.

Lastly, in the Pays Nantais region, a spell of frost at the start of April caused some damage in areas that are usually spared from these types of weather events. The heavy rainfall in the spring did not cause much outbreak of disease and our vineyards were able to produce some lovely, ripe grapes. As a result, the harvest got underway at the start of September in fine weather, with satisfactory yields and juices that are already showing excellent aromatic potential. This augurs well for the estate's first officially certified organic vintage!

Arnaud & Laurent Saget