Focus on... Le Génie Orange

le génie orange, orange wine, domaine des grandes espérances

A cuvée of orange wine for the Domaine des Grandes Esperances.
The palette of colors of the wine is no longer limited to the trio white, pink, red and even yellow wines.
A new kid made his appearance in the 2000s, the orange wine, and he wins an even bigger place on the cards of French restaurants and wine bars. It is the United States that is at the origin of this name "Oranges Wines".

A tradition of more than 6,000 years that reappears
The development of this type of wine dates back to 4000 BC and emerged in Georgia.
This process of vinifcation still exists today in this country. It then spread in Slovenia and then in the border areas of northern Italy before making its appearance with some French producers.

How is orange wine made ?
The Georgian tradition is that all wines, red or white, are elaborated in amphorae which are then buried and sealed.
Fermentation takes place from whole grapes - skins, pips and raspberries - which can last up to 7 months for white wines.
As for the red wines, it is the skin, rich in polyphenols and anthocyanins, which will give the color of the finished wine. In this case, it will take an amber color more or less pronounced depending on the maceration time and grape used.

Orange wine, a tannic white wine
The result comes with a profil closer to a red wine than a white wine.
The wine reveals a tannic presence that can be quite marked, which can be confusing to the first contact.
These wines keep a nice freshness and are more digestible, the alcoholic presence being less felt.
These are wines of character with a broad aromatic palette that can enable a wide variety of gourmet wine pairing.

Focus on our orange wine 100% Chenin "Le Génie Orange"
After several weeks of maceration in small open casks, the fermented juices were finished in barrels of 3 wines for a few months before being bottled.
The name and the design of this wine refer to the Génie de la Bastille which is at the top of the column of freedom in the middle of the Place de la Bastille in Paris.
This name and this character were chosen because they symbolize our freedom to make a wine as we wanted at the risk of leaving the framework of traditional white wines.
Not meeting the criteria of the Touraine appellation, this wine is sold under the name "Vin de France" and is packaged in bottles of 50 cl as for our cuvée of late harvest "Songe d'une nuit d'été".

Wine Pairing ?
This cuvée, free and original, will go wonderfully with a mushroom risotto or a chicken curry.
The hard cheeses will be appreciated very well on the beautiful matter of the wine.
The citrus aromas will find a nice balance with a chocolate pie.