Harvest 2019

harvest 2019 saget la perrière

2019 was marked by a particularly hot and dry summer, with periods of heatwave by the end of June.
Despite this scorching summer, the vines have still withstood the drought thanks to the soil cultivation done for several years now, which allows the vine to take root more deeply.

On our vineyards of the Center-Loire, the Sauvignons had a beautiful maturity, with high sugar content, and relatively correct acidity. The harvest is of quality on AOC Pouilly-Fumé and Sancerre, with yields slightly below quotas. On the other hand, the Coteaux du Giennois sector suffered particularly, especially on the sandy soils along the Loire which were strongly impacted by the lack of water.

More to the west, in Mesland, the analysis is positive with very good qualities on the whites, marked by a nice freshness, and satisfactory yields. On our red varieties the volumes are less, but suitable. A 2019 vintage overall promising for our Touraine wines.

Finally, Anjou and Muscadet report a more mixed record. Frost episodes in April, coupled with the summer's water stress, had a significant impact on harvested volumes. A complicated vintage for these regions, which will however give wines beautifully crafted in view of the balance already noted.