Harvest 2018

harvest 2018 saget la perriere

This year was one of fairly capricious weather (heavy rains) in the months leading up to the summer but we have had plenty of sunshine and only a very few rainy spells since the end of June.

As we had ploughed the soils regularly throughout the year, the vines have been able to withstand the drought, despite a particularly hot summer.
With perfectly healthy and exceptionally mature grapes in all our Loire Valley vineyards at the start of the harvest, the 2018 vintage looks very promising, combining richness, complexity and balance in both the whites and the reds!

This 2018 harvest is, of course, particularly important to us as it marks our first vintage in the Muscadet region following our purchase of a 15-hectare property in the Clisson “cru communal” area in April.

We look forward to seeing you next year to present the first bottles of the Vintage 2018
Arnaud & Laurent Saget