Locus : Muscadets de Lieux

saget la perriere locus muscadet

Just over a year ago we announced our acquisition of a wine estate in the Muscadet region located in the Clisson “cru communal” area, which made Saget La Perrière the only family-owned Loire wine company to have a foothold in each of the four great Loire Valley wine regions through its own domaines.

A year has been and gone and it is now time for us to unveil our first vintage of LOCUS !

Locus, meaning ‘place’ in Latin, is more than just a wine estate. It is a veritable itinerant project, whose raison d'être and essence are derived from the incredible diversity of the oceanic terroirs found in the Loire Atlantique region. Locus only offers wines made from the Folle Blanche and Melon de Bourgogne grape varieties, and as a fervent champion of these traditional Pays Nantais varietals, we are committed to producing wines that reveal their finest variations.

Convinced of the region’s quality potential and also very much aware of the positive metamorphoses that the Pays Nantais is currently undergoing, we wanted, through Locus, to be part of the revival of the wines from the Muscadet wine region. In this outstanding patchwork of terroirs and micro-climates, we will be striving, through the Locus range of wines, to showcase the Muscadets from places we have found to be of particular interest.

Jordane Saget was also interested and inspired by these places! By luck or by fate, this patronymic collaboration has given birth to Locus’ graphic universe. A well-known street artist in Paris, Jordane’s art, expressed through ephemeral arabesques drawn in chalk, is timeless, unique and full of poetry.

We have had the great pleasure of welcoming Jordane to our stand on Vinexpo for the brand launch, where he was demonstrating his work during the introduction of the 2018 vintage of Locus.