M de Mulonnière Rosé new profile

M de Mulonnière Rosé 2017

Change is in the air for our Rosé d'Anjou "M de Mulonnière" from this new 2017 vintage.
The residual sugar content decreases for the greatest delight of your palate : more freshness and liveliness for this new flavor profile!
To the eye, this rosé becomes clearer and reveals a bright and "salmon" colour.
Let's not forget that this rosé comes from the blending of 4 grape varieties : Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grolleau and Gamay, thus adding complexity and structure in mouth.


Appellation : Rosé d’Anjou Region : Anjou, Loire Valley, France.
Grapes : A blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Grolleau and Gamay grapes.
Soil : Schist and clay.
RS : 10g/l
Vinification : Total de-stalking of the grapes ; a proportion of the harvested grapes undergo skin contact maceration. Low temperature fermentation until the desired balance between sugar and acidity is obtained. A few months’ aging in stainless steel tanks before blending followed by the bottling during spring time to preserve its fruitiness as much as possible.
Winemaker note : Our M de Mulonnière rosé opens with fruity notes such as redcurrant and raspberry. The great freshness on the palate is giving to the wine both crispiness and generosity.
Enjoy : A perfect pairing with tomato salads, barbecue-grilled meats, spicy foods or even cherry pie.