The Ancestral method

methode ancestrale cremant de loire

VINIFICATION TECHNIQUES / The ancestrale method 

In this method the wine is bottled before the end of its alcoholic fermentation, unlike the more common traditional method which completes its fermentation. Thus, the carbon dioxide released at the end of the fermentation is trapped inside the bottle and dissolves into the wine creating the bubbles.   In this method, there is, therefore, no addition of “liqueur de tirage” (mixture of wine, sugar and yeast) or “liqueur d’expédition” (additional wine added after the second fermentation to finish the product).

Traditional method :

Traditional method

Ancestral method : 

ancestral method

Brut Nature 

“Brut” denotes a sparkling wine with a sugar content of less than 12g/litre, “Extra Brut” has a content between 0 and 6g/litre.
“Brut Nature” or “Brut Zéro” is a sparkling wine to which no sugar or “liqueur d’expédition” has been added and which contains less than 3g/litre residual sugar, thus bringing out a lovely expression of the wine and the terroir !