The pruning experience at La Perrière

Les vignes se font tailler aux caves de la Perrière

Pruning is an important stage for any wine grower as it allows us to control vine development.

How are vines pruned?

Pruning involves cutting vine shoots to regulate growth, strengthen and control vine vigour and restrict production.
It has a direct impact on the quantity and quality of the forthcoming crop.
There are several different pruning techniques.
Our team at La Perrière uses the single Guyot method.
We are also increasingly employing the Guyot-Poussard pruning method which is gentler and promotes sap flow thereby reducing the incidence of grapevine wood diseases and vine mortality.

Although the work still has to be done by hand and is very physical, it is nevertheless a great opportunity for people to connect with vineyards. Choosing which vine shoots to keep and which to remove, gauging the potential number of clusters and future yields are all essential tasks for our teams.